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Grandview International Dual Diploma Program

A Prestigious United States College Preparatory Program

Are you an international student looking to graduate with a United States diploma? Are you living abroad, seeking an American curriculum to help you gain admission to selective U.S. colleges and universities?

The Grandview International Dual Diploma program enables students across the globe to take courses, receive credits, and work towards a diploma from both their home country’s education program and Grandview Preparatory School, based in Boca Raton, Florida.    

A comprehensive, quality education in today’s world requires a depth of experience that extends beyond traditional classroom walls.  Increasingly, young people will be called upon in the future to work collaboratively with diverse individuals and organizations to achieve professional success in educational, scientific, social and business endeavors. Grandview International provides global students with the highest quality virtual education, access to the best advanced placement courses, and opportunities for improved English skill mastery. Additionally, Grandview provides students and partner schools with a true American education experience, aligning valuable educational collaborations with a competitive edge in the United States college and university admissions process.   

We invite you to explore our beautiful campus, within walking distance of the Atlantic Ocean and local driving distance of the cities of Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida. Students based in Eastern, Central and Mountain Standard Time zones may take classes concurrently with Grandview students on site. Additionally, qualified students globally may receive credits in customized coursework as authorized by their domestic school and Grandview Preparatory School.

For more information, please contact Stephanie Wood, Director of Admission, at

Accelerate your learning. Expedite your diploma.