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Innovation Track


The Innovation Track at Grandview Preparatory School is a personalized learning experience for highly motivated students in Grades 1 through 12. The course of study is customized based on skills and interests of the individual student, comprising of advanced curriculum and the completion of a completely student-run, in-depth project using student passions to enhance innovation and connect students to the community. The Innovation Track has four components across grade levels: selected students in Grades 1 and 2 are part of the Discovery Class, students in Grades 3 to 5 are part of the Junior Innovation Class, students in Grades 6 to 8 are part of the Middle School Innovation Class, and our application-only Upper School students make up the Innovation Program.

Why did Grandview develop the Innovation Track?

The Innovation Track is a natural extension of our founding vision.  The challenging, student-centered approach allows for engagement and personalization at each grade level. The program combines the foundational requirements of a traditional curriculum with the flexibility to move students at his or her individual pace and content area of interest.  The time schedules allow for deeper learning and is best suited for students who are motivated to learn. 

The primary differences between the Innovation Track and our traditional curriculum are the elements of content choice and project-based learning in further developing 21st century skills. All students will have a voice in the content they wish to learn in the Innovation Track. Additionally, all major assessments are in the form of projects and presentations rather than testing situations. Grandview faculty members still teach all classes; however, some classes may utilize a blended learning format with online enrichment resources.

In the Innovation Track, students have the opportunity to make choices in their education while taking the most academically challenging curriculum offered at Grandview. Additionally, students will engage in a passion-based project during the school week. Students will travel off campus for field trips and experiential learning opportunities on a regular basis. 

The Passion Project

Innovation Track students complete a Passion Project each semester. The Passion Project is an in-depth project-based course that uses student passions to enhance innovation and connect students to their community. Students will spend about 20% of their school time on an academic passion project that will further academic learning while developing key 21st century skills. At the start of each semester, students will spend one to two weeks designing the project. With faculty facilitation, students will work through a problem-based "backwards design" template to set up a desired outcome, a purpose, deliverables, objectives, and learning demonstrations. The Passion Project can be molded to fit the academic core needs of the individual student.