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Lower School

(Kindergarten - 5th Grade)


Lower School at Grandview is a comprehensive, family oriented, academically driven program where teamwork and the well-being of each child, as both a student and a person, is the focus. Our open-ended, personalized learning environment integrates a strong character development program with a spiraling curriculum from grade to grade. We focus on laying the foundation of a strong academic background while providing our students with a sense of personal responsibility and exposure to a variety of opportunities for self reflection and growth.

Students in our program acquire high-level skills rather than move through a fact-based curriculum, exploring within a small, nurturing environment fully equipped with specially designed classrooms, including a Lower School science laboratory. Our small class size and critical thinking focus enables students to become active thinkers and problem solvers.

Technology plays a large role in our learning environment in helping to bring innovative experiences to our traditional curriculum as students take an active role in the learning process. Students experience dynamic, developmentally appropriate activities designed to challenge and inspire. Differentiated instruction insures that each student will progress according to his or her individual learning requirements. Individualized Learning Profiles (ILPs) enable monitoring of each student's academic progress from year to year. Additionally, Grandview embraces technology as a learning tool in the classroom. Classrooms are equipped with student computers, projectors, Educational website access, United Streaming and Renweb to enhance learning, teaching and communication.

Lower School students begin their day with Morning Meeting in the Great Room at 8:00 AM.  Students are dismissed between 3:00 - 3:15 PM.  Extended Day, with a host of enrichment activities, is available until 5:30 PM.