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Ghazal Havoutis

Ghazal Havoutis
Ghazal Havoutis
MS/US Science
Phone: 1331
Employed Since: 8/7/2017
4 Years Experience At School
  • Bachelor
  • Masters Nova Southeastern University (2018)

Ghazal (Gigi) Havoutis is a certified Middle and Upper School Science teacher at Grandview Preparatory School. She also coordinates Grandview Science Fairs for grades 6-12 and facilitates Science Lab electives. Havoutis began her teaching career in 2012, teaching middle school Science in Hollywood, FL, where she also piloted a Science Club!  

She first began studying Biology at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. During her undergrad years, Havoutis participated in a medical volunteer trip to El Salvador, where she provided medical services for children in underdeveloped communities. She also served on a laboratory team for the Rutgers Cancer Institute. Double majoring in Biology and Psychology, she received her BA in 2011.

Havoutis developed a passion for the field of Biology. When she moved to Florida, she decided to continue her education in Biological Sciences. She attended Nova Southeastern University while pursuing her teaching career at Hollywood Academy of Arts and Science. During her graduate studies, she completed her capstone, "Analysis of Diagnostic, Preventive, and Disease-Modifying Therapeutic Measures of Alzheimer’s Disease." She graduated with her MS in Biological Sciences in 2017.

Havoutis loves to teach Science with a passion, and is determined to inspire curiosity in every student she teaches. She loves to teach her students through hands-on experiences, projects, debates, current events, and field trips! She enjoys living in warm, sunny Florida, with her husband, daughter, and dog.