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Iris Corbin

Iris Corbin
Iris Corbin
Phone: 1303
Employed Since: 11/28/2005
15 Years Experience At School

Iris Corbin has been the Registrar at Grandview Preparatory for 10 years. She is the custodian of all the student records and handles all the student attendance on a daily basis. She graduated from Adelphi Business School in Mineola, NY with a certificate in General Business. Mrs. Corbin is from Long Island, New York. She previously worked as an Administrative Assistant in an Adult Day Treatment Center and also was employed as an Office Supervisor in an Early Childhood Program for children with special needs.  Mrs. Corbin has a granddaughter who has attended Grandview since 3rd grade and will graduate in 2017.  

From Mrs. Corbin:
My favorite GPS moment is watching the Candle Lighting Ceremony where the graduating class passes the light to the Junior class.  It is so emotional and moving, and I look forward to my granddaughter taking part as a junior this year.