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Steve Bluver

Steve Bluver
Steve Bluver
MS/US Social Studies
Phone: 1349
Employed Since: 8/13/2018
3 Years Experience At School
  • Bachelor

Steve Bluver is both a Middle and Upper School U.S. History and Upper School U.S. Government teacher at Grandview Preparatory School. He is thrilled to be starting his third year at GPS for the 2020-21 school year. 

Bluver has his professional teaching certificate from the State of Florida in Social Sciences, grades 6-12. He also has a middle school math teaching license from New York State. Each day, Bluver brings with him a passion for history and a desire to prepare his students for the complex and changing world outside of school.

From Mr. Bluver:

Now a little about me. It’s a Bronx tale

I was born and raised in the Bronx N.Y. I graduated from the City College of New York with a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have worked as a manufacturing engineer in the aircraft industry and have wide-ranging experiences in the telecommunications and computer industries, including AT&T, Bell Labs, and Digital Equipment Corp. My roles have been diverse and include sales engineer, district marketing manager and district information technology process design manager. I have managed large groups of technical support engineers and multi-million dollar software projects.

I‘ve been married for over 48 years. Yes, to the same woman. I love to travel and while I do play golf, some who have watched me, don’t call what I play, golf. I have a passion for the theater, especially Broadway, and have worked with struggling actors and actresses, assisting them in putting on events to showcase their skills. I am a big sports fan, especially ice hockey. Go Rangers!

Upon my retirement from the business world, I decided to do something I had always wanted to do…teach. And so began my journey.

As a student of history, I’m probably one of very few teachers in Palm Beach County that has lived through 14 Presidents, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the rise and fall of communism, the civil rights movement, the birth of Rock n Roll, Woodstock, 9/11, the war on terror, the assassinations of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

Watch his “Meet the Teacher” video HERE

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