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Annual giving strengthens and sustains the rewards of a Grandview Preparatory School education. Grandview relies on these contributions for critical support in academics, performing and visual arts, athletics, service learning, financial aid, technology, faculty and staff development... generally all areas of school life. 

In every private school community, all participants are asked to give to the annual fund: some can give considerable amounts, some can give less, but all can give something to support our school. 

Getting 100% participation in the annual fund is just as important as meeting our overall financial goal, as it shows that the entire community - current families, board members, faculty and staff, grandparents, and alumni families - are supporters of Grandview.

Thank you for considering being a part of the Grandview Preparatory School Annual Fund through your financial support.  Your tax-deductable contribution will enable us to provide tuition scholarships and financial assistance for the next school year, as well as advance academics and programming.  Your gift, no matter the amount, is cucial and valued.
Please consider making your gift to the Annual Fund today!
Grandview Preparatory School is a 501(c)(3) organization.


Mr. Jonathan Adams ‘13

Mr. Barry Klein

Goldberg Family Foundation

Ms. Marylou Schimel

Ms. Megan Guadagnino

Mr. and Mrs. David Ehlers ‘02

Mr. Alan Stob

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Weinberg

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Perez

Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Palmer

Mr. and Mrs. Armando Pesaturo

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Hart

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Prince

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Greene

Mr. and Mrs. David Rossler

Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Eberts

Mr. and Mrs. Ebert Ochoa

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fazio

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Metcalf

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Roskin

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Olsen

Mr. and Mrs. Hugues Trottier

Mr. and Mrs. Jaime Corredor

Mr. and Mrs. James Dawson

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Langley

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Darden

Mr. and Mrs. John Piscatello

Mr. and Mrs. John Sturdy

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Poole

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Leech

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Kubach

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Schner

Mr. and Mrs. Mario Fuentes

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sagel

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Glickman

Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Afonso

Mr. and Mrs. N Jorgensen

Mr. and Mrs. Roland Enriquez

Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Satullo

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Swartz

Mr. and Mrs. Sky Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Solon Teixeira

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Swartz ‘02

Mrs. Karen Swartz

Ms. Andrea Swartz ‘07

Mr. Eric Swartz ‘04

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Wilens

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tyghem

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jones

Mr. Cary H Appel

Mr. Conrad Charles

Mr. Gary Downing

Mr. Joe Dawson

Mr. Michael Yannette

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Youshak

Mr. and Mrs. R. Brady OsborneJr.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rose

Mr. Robert Sack

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taylor

Mr. Robert Williams

Mrs. Colleen Cole

Mrs. Dominique Posk

Mrs. Iris Corbin

Mrs. Jill Kittredge

Mrs. Nancy Boyle

Mrs. Sheila Behrmann

Ms. Amy Allen

Ms. Betsy Gershon

Ms. Catherine Petronio

Ms. Emma DeStefano

Ms. Helen Lang

Ms. Jacqueline R Westerfield

Ms. Kathleen Hayden

Ms. Katie E Perez

Ms. Laurie Houghton

Ms. Marlene Harris

Ms. Meire Aparecida Stella

Ms. Sandra Algarin

Ms. Sharon Michael

Ms. Gabriela Almeida


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