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Grandview Junior Creates Coronavirus Supply Website

April 13, 2020
By Grandview Communications

Like many high school students, Grandview Preparatory School Junior Blake Rand has been spending quite a bit of time in front of a screen lately. Having a penchant for computers, he decided to spend some of that time developing a website to help people find valuable supplies during the coronavirus pandemic.

The idea came to him after his parents had a hard time finding toilet paper. They didn't want to have to leave the house, so they asked him to do some online sleuthing. He eventually found what they needed. Word spread and family friends began asking for help too, so Rand decided to put links on a website so he could help people more easily. 

Dubbed, the website contains links to supplies like toilet paper, masks, hand sanitizer and more. Rand does not monetize the site currently. "I'm just trying to help people save money and find what they need," he said. 

The site is updated daily and Rand spends hours scouring the internet for updated product links. 

"People definitely need to stick together and help each other through this," he said.

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