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"Together we build our future, one thought, one act, one moment at a time."


There are numerous extracurricular activities for students at Grandview Preparatory School. Students in pre-school through fifth grade can participate in complimentary after school enrichment classes and clubs, and students in fifth through twelfth grade can join school clubs and activities scheduled throughout the year. There are also honor societies students are inducted into if they meet the academic requirements.

As part of Grandview's mission to develop global citizenship and cultural awareness in our students, we have developed a rich travel experience program. This program includes intercontinental and international trips to numerous locations in addition to international exchanges to countries such as Argentina and Scotland.

Together our students have built a school life tradition rich in team building experiences. Through the House system, they forge lasting friendships interdivisionally while engaging in service activities. Homecoming Spirit Week, another student life highlight, allows students to showcase their creativity as they engage in class competitions, their incredible school pride as they cheer on the basketball team, and their compassion as they host an annual holiday party for visiting students with special needs.