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Meet the 22-23 Executive Board


President: Janet Le Grand Rice

The President shall be the Executive Officer of GAP. He/She shall appoint chairs of special committees; coordinate the work of the officers and committees of GAP so that the objectives may be promoted; serve as an ex-officio member on all committees; and perform such other duties as may be prescribed in these Bylaws or assigned by GAP.

Janet Le Grand Rice and her 12th grade son, Colin, relocated five years ago from Chicago to attend Grandview, where Colin is an avid basketball player. 

Vice President: Jessica Warren

The Vice President shall assist the President and perform the duties of the President in case of absence or disability.

Jessica, her husband David, and their 2 daughters Madison (12th grade) Mackenzie (9th grade) joined the Grandview family in 2017. She is a Boca Raton native and works alongside her husband at their Chiropractic Wellness Center. Jessica loves spending time with her family and her dog Pancake. She also loves to garden, travel, watch movies and go shopping with her daughters. Jessica has always been involved in the Grandview community and is looking forward to joining the Executive Board this year.

Immediate Past President: Wendy Calvin

The Immediate Past President shall remain on the Executive Board until the end of the term of the new President. 

Wendy’s daughter, Anastasia, graduated from Grandview in 2020. Wendy loves international travel, entertaining, boating and helping her consulting clients in North Highland “unleash their potential”.

Secretary: Tatiana Santana

The Secretary shall record the minutes of all Executive Board meetings and general meetings of GAP. The Secretary shall act as liaison between the Executive Board and the GPS communications representative. The Secretary shall also perform such other duties as may be delegated.

Tatiana, her husband Rafael and kids Gabriel (1st Grade) and Isabel Aragao (EC4), have been a part of the Grandview community since 2020. Tatiana, who earned her masters at UCL in London, is a non-practicing dentist with experience not only in the private sector as a medical professional with her own practice, but also as a public health professional.  

Since 2016, Tatiana has dedicated her time and expertise to her family with a significant focus on her children's education. Her passions are many, but most relevant to her day-to-day and in this role, relate to dental promotion and emotional health, environmental awareness, and global health education. Last but definitely not least, Tatiana is an avid soccer fan, or as she calls it, “football.” 

Treasurer: AJ DiLeo

The Treasurer shall maintain records of all funds of GAP; keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures for the fiscal year, June 1 through May 31; make disbursements in accordance with the approved budget, or as authorized; present a financial statement at every full meeting, or by special request of the Executive Board, and present a full report at the Annual Meeting. The Treasurer shall provide training for the Treasurer-Elect. The Treasurer shall present all financial records for the annual audit on May 31 to the business office of the school. All funds are kept in accordance with the school accounts.  

Albert DiLeo, or as his friends call him AJ, is married to the GAP events coordinator Nikki Stamm-DiLeo. They have two little girls Charlotte (8 -Third Grade) and Tabitha (18 months). They have been at Grandview since 2019 when Charlotte started EC4. Tabitha will start Grandview in a few years as well. AJ is originally from New York but grew up mainly in South Florida. He has his bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice/Business from Nova Southeastern University. He also has his Master's Degree in business (MBA) from FAU. He works from home in the insurance industry as a claims adjuster, and he and Nikki own several small online businesses. 

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and reading everything he can find. His favorite hobby is golf, which he has been playing for the last 15 years.  

Treasurer-Elect: Open Position

The Treasurer-Elect shall assist the Treasurer and perform the duties of the Treasurer in case of absence or disability.  

Board Standing Committee Chairs

Grandview Ambassadors assist with onboarding new families in four different categories:

  • Early Childhood
  • Lower School
  • Middle School
  • Upper School

Through consistent email communication and an annual Zoom over the summer prior to orientation, the committee's goal is to ensure that new families feel like they are an immediate part of the Grandview community. 

This Committee’s purpose is to identify areas of growth and constructively propose solutions to challenges. This Committee shall work directly with the Head of School and, as appropriate, serve as an advisory board to the Board of Trustees.

This Committee organizes logistics to involve parents in the life of the school. Efforts include coordinating class parents, support for field trips, athletic boosters, support for the arts and school events such as Halloween and Celebration of Life.

This Committee organizes and promotes the annual school book fair in cooperation with school staff.

This Committee hosts a spring teacher appreciation activity and helps support teacher needs throughout the year.  

This committee plans one of Boca's most popular holiday markets, including a variety of vendors and local food specialties. This is GAP’s biggest fundraising event of the year.


Additional Information

We look forward to your involvement! For more information about the Grandview Association of Parents, please email