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The Social Institute

At Grandview, we understand the importance of developing high character, student agency, and digital citizenship. We recognize that although our personal interactions are of the utmost importance, social media is a powerful influence on a student’s development. In conjunction with our community emphasis on character and wellbeing, Grandview has invested in an exclusive and groundbreaking partnership with The Social Institute to ensure we are teaching and empowering students how to use social media in a positive way.

The curriculum developed for Middle and Upper School students, developed through the Lead From Here framework, features age-appropriate topics and real life social media challenges and dilemmas, which they discuss with peers in small group workshops. Our comprehensive, integrated approach engages not only students but faculty/staff and parents too. Regular faculty boot camps equip faculty with the knowledge to reinforce social media lessons in the classroom and lead their own lessons during advisory periods. Presentations to parents provide growth-minded strategies on how they can help their children navigate social media in a positive way.

Beyond the Institute

In addition to the Social Institute, character education is embedded in all aspects of the Grandview experience. From our youngest students to our oldest students, all partake in numerous signature learning events that are tailored to develop high character and a positive sense of self. 

All Middle and Upper School students have advisory with their grade-level peers. Advisory meets on a daily basis for a brief connection with an extended advisory occurring every Wednesday morning. Advisory periods are intentionally designed to: 

  • Foster relationships and trust with classmates 
  • Prioritize time for every student to have a meaningful and authentic relationship with a faculty member
  • Encourage the practicing of character and communication skills through courageous conversations 
  • Provide a vessel for friendly competition with other grades

Grandview embraces the arts as a vehicle for expression, joy, and higher order thinking. For this reason, the curriculum is infused with art beginning with our very youngest learners. 

The Athletic Department is committed to developing a successful athletic program that provides a challenging, competitive environment that instills the ideals of commitment, leadership, personal integrity, responsibility, industry, sportsmanship, lifelong fitness, and teamwork within each of our student athletes. These values always take priority over the win-loss record as students strive to reach their full potential on and off the field.  Athletics are an integral part of the educational process as the lessons learned through competition, sacrifice, teamwork, and goal-setting are lessons that remain with a student for a lifetime.

Each member of our community has a story worth sharing - and we want to hear it. We aim to foster an environment that is safe for authentic sharing by all members of the community. We intentionally have designed GPSx as a platform for sharing. In doing so, our students are fine-tuning their communication skills on stage while others are learning through their real-world experience.

In addition, Grandview has various GPSx Parent talks throughout the school year to further develop our parent network and sense of community. 

Foundational classes for students in Early Childhood - grade 5 that focus on personal well-being, friendship, advocacy, responsibility and citizenship. During Pride, students learn what value lead to high character and are expected to practice these values throughout their journey at Grandview. 

The Creed is traditionally led by student leaders prior to formal school events. 

Excelsior Ad Augusta
"Ever Upward to Honor"

Together we build our future
one thought,
one act,
one moment at a time.
We believe knowledge is freedom,
freedom is choice, and
choice is responsibility.

We understand we must choose wisely.
We must choose
compassion over apathy,
wisdom above ignorance,
sacrifice over selfishness, and
dedication above indifference.

For we know our future rests in this moment,
this place,
this act,
this thought.

It is our choice to give to one another this moment.
In this gift,
there is honor
now and forever.

Carpe Diem!

Grandview Preparatory School
Established 1997


Additional Information

For more information about Character Education, please contact the Office of Admission at or 561.416.9737 ext. 1304.