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Grandview Athletics 

Grandview Preparatory School is consistently ranked first in the state for athletics in Class 2A.

The Athletic Department is committed to developing a successful athletic program that provides a challenging competitive environment that instills the ideals of commitment, leadership, personal integrity, responsibility, industry, sportsmanship, lifelong fitness, and teamwork within in each of our student athletes. The instruction of these values, while helping the student reach his or her fullest potential both on and off the playing court or field, always takes priority over the win-loss record.  Athletics are an integral part of the educational process as the lessons learned through competition, sacrifice, teamwork, and goal setting are lessons that remain with a student for a lifetime.

Program Goals

  • To encourage academic achievement.
  • To encourage team and individual confidence, effort and performance.
  • To develop leadership skills and the ability to meet challenges.
  • To encourage self-discipline and honorable conduct.
  • To educate the student-athlete about drug, alcohol, and tobacco use and to encourage student-athletes to abstain from such use.
  • To teach fair and good sportsmanship.
  • To encourage loyalty, team play, personal and team pride, respect for others, and the will to win.
  • To develop athletes who are sound in fundamentals.
  • To encourage the acceptance and execution of responsibility.
  • To encourage high moral and ethical standards.
  • To create an athletic program that all Grandview student-athletes and community members can be proud of.