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Excelsior Ad Augusta 

At Grandview, we take our beliefs to heart. Each formal event begins with the community reciting our school creed, Excelsior Ad Augusta (Ever Upward to Honor). It is these values that set us apart, and these values that we hope to instill in all of our students.

Excelsior Ad Augusta
"Ever Upward to Honor"

Together we build our future
one thought,
one act,
one moment at a time.
We believe knowledge is freedom,
freedom is choice, and
choice is responsibility.

We understand we must choose wisely.
We must choose
compassion over apathy,
wisdom above ignorance,
sacrifice over selfishness, and
dedication above indifference.

For we know our future rests in this moment,
this place,
this act,
this thought.

It is our choice to give to one another this moment.
In this gift,
there is honor
now and forever.

Carpe Diem!

Grandview Preparatory School
Established 1997