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Preparing for College and Life Beyond

Finding the best-fit university or college for our soon-to-be graduates is one of our most exciting and rewarding responsibilities. Upper School families work personally with our College Guidance Counselor to navigate the process together. Juniors have the opportunity to enroll in Grandview's College Prep Skills course, which provides the time and guidance needed for students to distinguish best-fit and top-choice options and prepare them to pursue their academic goals post Grandview.

2023-24 School Profile


The College Counseling Journey

At Grandview, the college counseling journey begins as soon as student begins taking high school credits. Oftentimes, this begins as early as 7th grade. To ensure that students families understand the transition to high school credit, and the impact this can have on college aspirations, the Director of College Counseling begins meeting with students and families as soon as possible. Families can expect: 

  • Introductory meetings with the Director of College Counseling if their student is taking high school level classes to emphasize the importance of these classes for their college preparation.
  • Guidance and support to students and families regarding the transition to high school.

Freshman and Sophomore years are important years in preparing for college and life beyond. Our Director of College Counseling works closely with students and families as they begin to look beyond Grandview. During these years, student and families should expect the following: 

  • An individual meeting with each freshman student once or twice a year to establish a relationship and discuss their academic goals and aspirations. 
  • A formal assessment of current academic progress and identifying any areas of improvement or potential challenges. 
  • An introduction to the importance of GPA, course selection, and extracurricular involvement in building a strong college application. 
  • Personalized guidance in selecting appropriate classes and extracurricular activities that align with student interests and future college aspirations.
  • Conversations regarding the appropriateness and/or student readiness for dual-enrollment. 

Junior year is one of the most pivotal years in the college search process. Juniors work very closely with the Director of College Counseling to be sure that all opportunities are being explored and college aspirations are being narrowed. 

  • All juniors are enrolled in a year-long college and career prep class that focuses on the college application process, essay writing, developing their resume, and interviewing skills. 
  • Students are guided through self-assessment activities to identify their strengths, interests, and values, which will inform their college and career choices.
  • Students are assisted in researching colleges and universities that align with their academic and personal preferences to be sure they find the “best-fit” college or university. 
  • Students are provided guidance on creating a balanced college list, preparing for college visits, and developing relationships with admissions representatives.
  • All juniors take the PSAT in the Fall and the SAT in the Spring.
  • Students are coached and accompanied to the Sunshine Invitational College Fair held annually in the Spring.

Senior year is when the college counseling journey comes to a joyful peak. Being a senior at Grandview is an experience like no other - from Candlighting and commencement to school leadership and future planning - it truly is a year our students cherish. During senior year, families can expect the following from the college counseling journey:

  • Assistance with navigating the college application process, including deadlines, requirements, and submission procedures.
  • Guidance and assistance with administering the SAT in the Fall for any student that wishes to retest.
  • Personalized guidance on college essay writing, providing feedback, and assistance in showcasing their unique qualities and experiences. 
  • Support  in organizing student application materials and requesting  letters of recommendation. 
  • The Director of College Counseling completes a counselor recommendation letter for each senior.
  • Resources and guidance on exploring scholarships opportunities and assist students in preparing scholarship applications. 
  • Assistance with the financial aid process and Bright Futures application. 
  • Support and advice during the final stages of the decision making process, helping students evaluate college offers and make informed choices. 

College Representatives

We'd love to have you on campus! Please login to your SCOIR account to sign up for a college visit at Grandview. We offer visits Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with limited availability on Wednesday and Friday throughout the year. If you do not see a date available for when you wish to visit, please contact us at 561-416-9737. 

Additional Information

For more information regarding College Counseling, please contact Brett Hartnagel, Director of College Counseling at or 561.416.9737.