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Creativity Takes Courage

Creativity + Courage = Art
Henri Matisse originally shared this idea and it is one we embrace wholeheartedly at Grandview. We believe that the arts define our humanity and that an aesthetic education is essential to the development of a well-rounded student. Visual Arts course offerings include fundamental classes of instruction in general and studio art for lower and middle school students. In upper school, art instruction begins with 2D/3D design. Courses evolve sequentially to advanced instruction in sculpture, photography, ceramics, drawing and design, painting, and portfolio classes.

Much of the learning that happens in Lower School is infused with art, however Lower School students take General Art in the studio twice per week. The general art curriculum is focused on exposure to various styles and mediums. Students have the opportunity for community exposure for their artwork.

Middle School students take art each week as part of their skills wheel curriculum. The Middle School visual arts courses strive to establish a sense of personal expression. Emphasis is placed on creativity, critical thinking skills and problem solving while allowing students to develop a personal venue for their artistic expression.

Upper School courses in visual arts strive to establish a sense of personal expression. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking skills and problem solving while allowing the students to develop a personal venue for their artistic expression. The fundamental courses of 2 and 3 Dimensional Design give students the necessary exploration of media and technique while still encouraging personal expression. The elective program exposes students to more advanced techniques while emphasizing the development of personal style. The Senior Art Studio/AP Studio Art courses allow the students to control and explore areas of their interest which manifest into an area of concentration.

IP Art is designed to introduce students to a variety of art methods and the basic grammar of visual communication, allowing us to better understand the art world which permeates our lives. Students will take a deeper look into various ways that the visual arts can positively connect us with the world and each other through guided and open inquiry and research, community connections and communication, comparative study, historical and contemporary artists and artworks, critical thinking, and personal perspective. 

Using a range of materials and techniques, students will create meaningful individual or collaborative artworks based on their findings. Individual and group critique, presentation and reflection, and reaching out to our local community for resources are not only encouraged but in many cases required.  Students are also required to keep a visual journal, track their daily work, and video/photograph their process to document their thinking and execution of their work.  Students will benefit from the exchange of ideas within the small group dynamic within the studio environment.


Instructor: Stephanie Held
Discipline: Art

Stephanie has been dancing for over 30 years and teaching dance for 17 years. She has experience with children aged 2 and up and has worked with beginners to advanced dancers, 5 + years working directly with special-needs students. Stephanie also teaches Lower School Art. This is Stephanie’s 6th year at Grandview.


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