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A Community for Parents

Choosing Grandview is not just choosing a school for your children, but also a community for your entire family. With the decision to enroll your children, you have also chosen to be a member of the Grandview Association of Parents. We encourage all parents to actively engage in the ways they are able to and look forward to welcoming you to our community of learners. 

An introduction from the President

Who Are We?  
A group of caring parents, lending our unique talents and interests to help “bridge the gap”, building memorable relationships and enlightening experiences for the WHOLE family.  

What Do We Do?  
Our mission is to bring Grandview families together to P-R-E-S-S forward and make our community the best place to be in South Florida:

  • Promote friendships, school pride and parental involvement  
  • Raise funds for social and cultural events outside the tuition scope  
  • Exchange ideas & knowledge amongst parents, faculty and administration 
  • Stimulate volunteerism in our community – on campus and beyond
  • Sponsor family activities, parent socials, interactive educational programs and a scholarship 

Why Do We Engage? 
It’s a well-documented fact that when parents are involved at school, the performance of all children at school, not just their own, improves. When parents get to know their children’s teachers, their friends and parents, advancement is accelerated for all.

How Do You Get Involved?  
Come to our monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 8:15 AM on the Grand House Porch (or Zoom) and join a team that inspires your talents and interests. There’s plenty to choose from and most don’t require a large time commitment. 

With warm regards,
Janet Le Grand Rice, President

Additional Information

We look forward to your involvement! For more information about the Grandview Association of Parents, please email