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A Personal Endeavor

Grandview Preparatory School is a small, diverse community committed to the philosophy that education is a personal endeavor. Grandview pairs timeless ethics with modern thought and personal attention with global consciousness while preparing students for college and life beyond.

An Education for Life Beyond

At Grandview, we understand there is an entire life to live beyond high school and college. We are not simply preparing students to be great students, but rather extraordinary individuals who are curious, confident, and have the social and emotional skills to navigate the modern world in a healthy and enriching way. 


The Learner's Story

Personhood in the modern era is increasingly complex. Grandview pairs modern thought with timeless ethics, recognizing that the intellectual education alone is incomplete. Our mission as a school rests on three key phrases: ‘learning is a personal endeavor’, ‘timeless ethics’, and modern thought’. These three ideals represent intellectual intelligence (IQ), emotional intelligence (EQ), and a lesser-known, but essential element- the curiosity quotient (CQ).

All three of these elements work together in the student’s current moment (the experience in this place and time)  in order to best prepare them for the next. The story of every learner exists in these three parts: part one is essentially what makes you, you. It is your ‘why’. What is it that you’re curious about? What makes you unique? Part two relates to what you think about (your intellectual perspective and capacity). Part three is how you choose to behave, (why do you do the things you do?). 

For more on our mission philosophy, [click here].


GPS is an independent, non-sectarian, college preparatory, co-educational day school enrolling students from pre-kindergarten through grade twelve.