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Campus Safety & Security

At Grandview, being small is part of what keeps us safe. Over the last several years, Grandview has continued to work steadily with law enforcement officials and community partners to ensure our safety protocols are current. We encourage each family to review the regular correspondence sent throughout the school year regarding campus safety and community well-being. 

A Deeper Dive

Grandview’s Safety and Wellness Taskforce is made up of school leadership, faculty, and parents collaborating to ensure safety and wellness are at the forefront of our minds. The Taskforce purpose is to provide input to keep school leadership informed of parent perspective. 

Grandview contracts with the Boca Raton Police Department for on-campus security during school hours. 

Note: at times security may be provided by a private company. 

Grandview is a small community that relies on its members to share information that may risk the safety of an individual and/or the entire community. Grandview has created the “GPS See Something, Say Something” form which is an anonymous way of reporting concerning or potentially dangerous behavior/events. Grandview modeled this form after Palm Beach County’s “Student Protect” reporting app. 

Make a Report

Grandview’s enhanced security system includes upgrading all existing cameras and adding additional cameras where advised by professionals. Additionally, all Grandview transportation vehicles will soon be equipped with video cameras. In addition to the cameras, Grandview has invested in intercom systems throughout campus that include two-way communication and indoor/outdoor speakers, and  systems providing increased security when entering the building. The ability for instant communication with Boca PD has been installed at the front office and in pivotal locations around campus. 

Note: these locations remain undisclosed for added security measures.   

All vehicles entering and exiting campus will be documented and timestamped. Any car that has been previously notified as not being permitted on campus will immediately alert the Grandview Administration and Boca PD. 

Additional Information

For more information regarding campus safety, please contact the Office of Admission at or 561.416.9737 ext. 1304.