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Embracing the Present
Preparing for the Future 

High School is so often here today and gone tomorrow - not at Grandview. Our Upper School students are encouraged to find joy in their learning while also appreciating the challenge of a college preparatory curriculum. Our most successful and joyful students participate in a wide range of courses and extracurricular activities. Students learn how to balance their priorities and important skills surrounding advocacy and student agency. 

Grandview provides a unique research-based educational program designed to engage each student in the active pursuit of knowledge. Strong personal relationships within the school community provide a foundation to nurture and cultivate knowledge, character and leadership. Our program offers small class sizes, an enriched curriculum focused on durable and transferable skills in areas of communication, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and character. Students are encouraged to achieve their personal goals for success and wellness in college, and life beyond. 


An Inside View

Day 1:
8:15     X Period: No Class
9:05     World Languages
10:10   Advisory 
10:40   History 
11:45   Lunch
12:30   Lab: Study Hall
1:15     Math 3
2:20     Lab: Meditation 
3:05     Dismissal 

Day 2:
8:15     X Period: MS Dance
9:05     English
10:10   Meet Up 
10:40   PE 
11:45   Lunch
12:30   Lab: Fab Lab
1:15     Integrated Science
2:20     Lab: Math
3:05     Dismissal 

IP Scholars

Grandview's most passionate and independent learners are nominated by the faculty to apply for the Innovation Program (IP). The program challenges students who seek both high-level learning and service leadership and represents a synthesis of complex skills development, cultivating curiosity, real-world relevance, student choice, and leadership. Students selected for the program earn:

  • An IP cord distinction upon graduation
  • A GPA weighting of 1.0 for courses
  • Opportunity to travel off-campus for additional seminars, research, workshops, fieldwork, and performances  
  • Opportunity for Grandview scholarships based on merit  
  • Opportunity to work closely with the Head of School and the GPS Administrative team throughout the IP Scholars experience
Dual Enrollment

Grandview Preparatory School in affiliation with Lynn University, Florida Atlantic University, and other local universities, offers eligible high school students dual enrollment opportunities. Dual enrollment opportunities become available to students the summer before their sophomore year and are limited to one class per semester. 

College Guidance

Finding the best-fit university or college for our soon-to-be graduates is one of our most exciting and rewarding responsibilities. Upper School families work personally with our College Guidance Counselor to navigate the process together. Juniors have the opportunity to enroll in Grandview's College Prep Skills course, which provides the time and guidance needed for students to distinguish best-fit and top-choice options and prepare to pursue their academic goals post high school.  

2022-23 School Profile


The world is changing and we are changing with it. Grandview offers flexible academic schedules for students who are pursuing passions beyond the classroom. Students have opportunities to pursue a hybrid model to complete their core-curriculum classes with a less traditional schedule. Some students are on campus from 10:30-2:30, while others are on campus from 8:00-1:00. 

Additional Information

For more information about academics, please contact the Office of Admission at or 561.416.9737 ext. 1304.