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A Personal Journey 

At Grandview, our students are empowered to pursue their individual passions while navigating a robust and personalized academic journey. Our faculty and staff are committed to nurturing confident, self-aware students who are equipped with the 21st century skills necessary for success in college and life beyond. 

Grandview's academic philosophy and execution is a research-based, student-centered program designed to engage the learner as they deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them. Inquiry-based structures allow for individual development and achievement. Instructional design is student-centered to maximize individual growth, unlike traditional frameworks that emphasize institutional convenience and whole group ‘delivery’.

The 5 Pillars

The "5 C's" provide the foundation for our academic instruction at all divisions and are the skills that we measure student achievement. Communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and character are embedded throughout all facets of the academic experience at Grandview. 


Unspoken, unwritten cues
Technology for communication & etiquette


Roles & responsibilities
Project planning
Perspective: individual, group, cultural
Body language & interaction
Group & individual accountability
Goal setting (group)
Virtual collaboration
Group & online etiquette

Character & Wellness:

School Creed
Social-emotional well-being and interaction
Personal standards of conduct
Decision making
Healthy lifestyle & exercise

Critical Thinking:

Critical Reading domains
Language domains
Math domains
Content-specific literacy
Problem solving
Research & media literacy
Student Skills
Choice & decision making
Concept connection & mapping
Online & distance learning


Idea generation
Free exploration
Choice & talent
Technology for creation
Goal setting (individual)
Academic Advancement 

For some students, Academic Advancement is a vital part of their journey at Grandview. Academic Advancement takes Grandview's personalized education to the next level by providing students with small(er) group and/or one-on-one instruction. Students will explore and develop specific strategies, techniques, and methods that work for their personal learning style.

The small group or 1:1 instruction provides students the opportunity to focus on specific areas of growth and reach identified learning goals. Regular progress meetings are scheduled with the family to ensure learning goals are being reached and updated. In some cases, the academic team will require or recommend services for students needing additional support. Families have the opportunity to request services at anytime.

Additional Information

For more information about academics, please contact the Office of Admission at or 561.416.9737 ext. 1304.