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Nancy Boyle
Nancy Boyle
Phone: 1348

Nancy Boyle has been teaching English/Literature and Psychology at Grandview Preparatory School since 2010.

In addition to her degree from Clarion University of Pennsylvania, she holds a certification from Florida Atlantic University for secondary education — grades 6-12.

Prior to becoming a teacher, Boyle spent 28 years in the business world working in various positions in Sales and Management and Medical Sales. Her career change to teaching was motivated by her passion for reading and writing and she feels that reading is an essential element in life.

Looking back, her favorite learning moment is when she took a class, Introduction to Education, and the professor began yelling at one of the students in the class for yawning. Her “learning moment” was thinking that she would never be that kind of teacher. Boyle learned so many things from this professor-- about behavior that should never be displayed as a teacher.

Boyle's favorite Grandview moments are so many, but the one that stands out is our Celebration of Life celebrated every December with J.C. Mitchell School. She says this event humbles her and makes her appreciate all the simpler things in life and never take life for granted.