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Together We Build Our Future

Strategic Plan 2021-2026


In 2015, Grandview began implementing the goals and objectives established in our 2015-2020 strategic plan. The plan was extended into 2020 as the world navigated the challenges brought forth by a global pandemic.

At the onset of the new year, Grandview had reached extraordinary milestones. Some of the most notable accomplishments include:

  • Increased enrollment from 276 students (2015) to 386 (2022).
  • Acquired the school property, an asset of over 10MM, in October of 2019.  
  • Developed an exclusive partnership with Evert Tennis Academy resulting in projected gross revenue of 1MM annually. 
  • Created and executed a small summer program which provides an additional student entry point and increased alternative revenue. 
  • Secured partnerships and collaborations with educational institutions and programs such as; Evert Tennis Academy, Lincoln Learning, Don Law Golf, Pro World Tennis Academy, ONE Tennis Academy, Rick Macci Tennis Academy, Elev8 Baseball Academy, and serves as a founding member of the Advisory Board of Directors for the Boca Center of Arts and Innovation. 
  • Developed professional development frameworks for Wednesday PD group/division experiences and personalized teacher learning portfolios through the LincSpring platform.
  • Created mission-aligned and academic programs for innovation, project-based, experiential, and blended learning. to allow for greater personalization for both students and teachers.
  • Expanded skill diagnostics through the adoption of MAP testing and cross-curricular scheduling. 

Planning for the Future

The process for creating the strategic plan began with collecting feedback from all stakeholders (students, parents, alumni, faculty/staff, and Board of Trustees) in the form of focus groups and surveys to help determine our areas of focus. We have committed to hosting annual focus group opportunities to ensure we continue to understand the needs of our current families, especially during a time of such rapid societal change. Grandview's strategic planning for 2021-2026 is distinguished by 3 primary areas of focus; 1) Institutional Advancement, 2) Mission-Driven Instruction and Professional Development, and 3) Physical Plant and Capital Improvements. 

1. Institutional Advancement

Goal 1: Analyze and establish "right-size" enrollment

Goal 2: Cultivate alternate revenue streams

Goal 3: Optimize systems to support long-term success and mission implementation

To achieve these goals, Grandview is committed to the following: 
  • Launch new website to reflect current programming. 
  • Redesign admission experience with systems to enhance personalization.
  • Grow relationships with current partners and identify potential new partnerships and collaborations with area institutions and programs.
  • Create more advanced systems for traditional fundraising.
  • Revise Board frameworks to expand opportunities to serve through a more developed Committee structure.
  • Increase fundraising opportunities and capital campaign structures and lay the groundwork for an endowment.
  • Digitize all records and integrate/update software capacities for optimal workflow.
2. Mission-Driven Instruction & Professional Development

Goal 1: Create systems to strengthen the execution of the mission

Goal 2: Refine teacher leadership program 

To achieve these goals, Grandview is committed to the following: 
  • Individual Teacher Learning Portfolios through LincSpring.
  • Wednesday PD, Weekly Academic Advancement Workshops.
  • Student support systems before and after school- Student Workshops/labs for skill competencies.  
  • Launch GPSx- Stories Worth Sharing.
  • Develop and consistently execute a C schedule for experiential learning.  
  • Update the PLP to work with published Student Portfolios. Expand skill diagnostics and cross-curricular scheduling.
  • Blended opportunities allow for greater personalization for both students and teachers. 
  • Implement collaborative assessments (multiple graders for quality assurance vs. quantity of low-level work).
  • Continue to build a bank of real-world learning experiences and systematically review the for mission alignment.
  • Refine Teacher Observation and feedback to model growth mindset. 
  • Refine teacher leadership program and compensation structures to keep talent in the classroom but encourage an administrative aspect to the professional responsibilities.
3. Physical Plant & Capital Improvements

Goal 1: Develop Campus Master Plans

Goal 2: Identify Priorities for needed capital and infrastructure expenditures

Goal 3: Refine maintenance plans for proactive rather than reactive incidents

To achieve these goals, Grandview is committed to the following: 
  • Examine current infrastructure to ensure that physical plant advances the goals of learning culture. (Expand classroom space as feasible) 
  • Acquire 3860 4th Avenue Property
  • Create a facilities audit with phased plans for upgrades.
  • Refine the current maintenance schedule for a more systematic approach to plant management. 

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